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Charlotte, NC 28205

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This School is licensed by the State of North Carolina, Division of Motor Vehicles

Charlotte Area Driving School Customer Reviews

Excellent driving school

I would say, Mike is a very good teachers. I took 4 classes with them and I gained so much confidence and lessons to drive easily and safely. I was scared by my friends that one has to make more than 2 attempts to get license in North Tryon DMV. But I took my license in my first attempt there. Thanks to Mike.

Give Charlotte Area Driving School a Try!

If you are looking for a good driving school that will help you pass your road test and get a license then Charlotte Area Driving School is for you. This school is very professional and overall reliable. In this school you learn all you need to know to pass your driving test. I took driving lessons in this school and after taking the road test for the first time I passed and it is all because of this school. It is definately worth the money and time so if you want results go give Charlotte Area Driving School a try.

The best

these guy are very good i was nervous at first but they took there time with me went over everything step by step and when it was my time to take my test i passed and i thank you guys for that

thank you calb and mike your the best

They're awesome!!:

I took the 6 hour class and passed the actual driving test in a single

swoop!..thanks Mike!

Classroom instruction periods will be conducted in group sessions. Behind-the-wheel instruction will be private lessons.